A New Direction

A little bit about my family – my husband works away from home (Afghanistan) and is only home a brief amount of time every few months. He was just home and we had a wonderful time together, our sons (8th& 4th graders) are always anxious and excited for when Daddy gets to be home, so the time when he has to leave are always very hard on us – especially so with the holidays. While hubby is home, I take a break from my blog and any other volunteer activities to concentrate on him.
Two years ago, I became a stay at home mom, which was a huge scary step for me. I had always worked, but with my husband gone for 9 months out of the year, our sons getting older and my full-time work consuming so much of my time, I felt God was leading me to stay home. Instead of obeying what God was telling me, I asked my husband if I could work just part-time – I thought that might be ‘good enough’; but if you didn’t know, when God tells us his plan for us, He doesn’t change His mind or say, ‘you know what, I didn’t think of that, maybe your way is better’. So part-time didn’t really work, instead I was doing the same amount of work in less time and even more stress, with less pay – so after ‘letting go and letting God’, I quit working all together. When I had prayed on this, God gave me a word (or direction, if you prefer) He basically told me that my new ‘job’ was to raise our sons the way God intended them to be raised, to be godly young men – not of this world.
Several things have happened in the time since, I’ve grown spiritually and I know I’m far from done in that capacity; I also started this blog and my Facebook page, and every blog I’ve written has increased my faith on how God can use someone like me, to reach and teach people all over the world. Now I believe God has given me the next step to this adventure – homeschool. It’s a big step of faith and it’s one I believe God has been preparing me for, no way would I have been able to do this when I first quit working –but now, I believe I am at the place where God wants me to take on this challenge.
My boys and I are all home sick today with the flu and since we couldn’t attend our church services, we had church at home. In the lesson today we talked about Matthew 14:22-32, where Jesus walked on the water and Peter stepped out of the boat in faith. I was able to use the example of Jesus telling Peter to ‘come’ and how his faith was strong while he focused on Jesus but when he let the distractions of the world overcame him, he began to sink; as an example of God giving me the word to quit working, raise my children as godly men and now to homeschool. When I made the mistake of just part-time work, I began to sink – it was when I focused on God and quit all together that I began to grow in faith and have come to where I am today. I can’t be distracted by what I, others or the world thinks, God’s given me direction – I’m to focus on Him and His Word and follow His direction.
God doesn’t lead us into trouble, He leads us to blessings; yet the devil will do his best to distract us – to try and get us off the path we’ve been given. This path might not be for everyone so remember – God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I’ve been praying for continued guidance and subtle little things have been given to me to confirm the direction we are going, my sons are excited and anxious to start homeschooling – we’ve discussed what it will be like and what is expected of them and of myself. We know this will be a huge change for us all and we know this is not a task to be taken lightly, but I’m so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I’m not sure of the direction of my blog in all of this; but I know that no matter where this adventure leads us, our faith will only grow stronger and blessings will follow.

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