Thank You God!

thank You God for your love – for you ARE love
thank You God for your mercies, grace and favor
thank You for your Son Jesus
thank You for your Holy Spirit
forgive me of my sins against You and others
soften my heart that i would be more tender to others
give me your ears to hear your Holy Spirit’s leading
give me your eyes to see as you see the heart
give me your wisdom and discernment so that i would be a better servant
help me to not worry when troubles come
help me to remember your Word and promises
because you’ve told me that i don’t need to be afraid or discouraged,
that You are with me, that You have never left me and never will
bless me and my family that we might be a blessing to others
encourage me and my family that we might encourage others
help me Heavenly Father to always be sensitive to your direction
i want to honor You with all my thoughts, words, and actions
in everything i say and do, so that i reflect your light unto others
thank You for this day and the opportunity to share you with the world
in Jesus’ name i pray

We just want to say Thank You!
We just want to say Thank You!

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