Internet Truths

Recently my Facebook newsfeed was covered in a hoax from most of my friends.  It wasn’t long before my 71 year old mother called me because her tech savvy (her words, not mine) friend had forwarded her a message about this so-called truth and when I explained that this was not true, it was merely a hoax – she asked, “but for what purpose would someone do that?”  I think I figured out the ‘why’ this morning.

For 12 years I was in IT, I constantly had to research and solve problems/issues, so anytime something is ‘posted’, whether I’m along the same beliefs or not – I go look up the information.  I’ve learned there are websites that say their purpose is to give you the truth, to thwart hoaxes, but most of them have an agenda so I learned it’s best to go to the source itself (which is the exception, not the rule for our instant gratification society).  Most people will immediately share a post or simply regurgitate the information as truth, especially if it’s what they want to believe.

William James an early pioneer in psychology once said, “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”  People use this quote to refer to Hitler’s Nazi regime on propaganda and some of us see it in today’s society (I call it the Orwell effect).  I’ve learned from my own studies of American History, a perfect example of this quote.  Let me ask you, where did the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ come from?  Most answer, the 1st amendment; but that phrase was NEVER in the Bill of Rights or US Constitution, this is the exact verbiage: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”.  What’s ironic is that for the first 150 years of the Bill of Rights lifetime, it was a known fact that this statement meant that the Government was not allowed to declare a National Denomination and in no way allowed to interfere with religion [as was the case in England when we had left for America for religious freedoms and fought a Revolutionary War for this cause – it’s the FIRST Amendment for a reason folks] .

I could get into a whole lesson on how our history has been twisted so much that the majority of American’s don’t even realize that the history that was taught in the 1800’s is completely different than what is taught today.  Instead, I’ll get to my point, people have that one phrase so imbedded in their brain, that they believe the opposite intent of what our government was founded on.  How much more has our society been brainwashed to believe that Planned Parenthood is an angel of mercy, offering free, life saving, health services to those in need…even when it’s proved false.  Planned Parenthood began from a woman who wanted a supreme ‘white’ race and discovered a means to an end – killing innocent babies in the name of freedom and convenience.  What’s worse is that American’s have decided instead of dealing with the raw honest truth of an organization that is hell bent on destroying the lives of innocent children and the would-be mothers – they make excuses for the atrocities.  This reminds me that Lucifer himself, was an Angel of Light, so many people think the devil is this hideous creature – but they need to know who he really is.  He masquerades as everything good, but he is a deceiver and a counterfeit – he can’t bring life, he can only take it, he isn’t some gross or disfigured being, he’s the image of beauty and everything you’ve ever wanted in life – how else would you be willing to sell your soul to buy into his beautiful lies?


But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14 NLT)

Don't buy into the lies of the enemy, seek the truth and HE will set you free!
Don’t buy into the lies of the enemy, seek the truth and HE will set you free!

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