God’s Timing is Always Perfect

As I sit here about to write my first blog post in what seems like forever, I can’t explain the anxiety that I’m feeling…my chest is tightening, my heart is racing and I’m afraid…afraid to write something!?!  To be honest, I’ve felt so far from God, but I’m not even sure why!  I still read God’s Word, I still pray, I still serve and attend church, I still talk to others about what God’s done in my life…so why do I feel this way?

Is it because we went through such an incredible faith walk to a time of transition and peace??? We’re just waiting for my husband to get back home so we can start on the adventure that we believe God has led us to [moving to Montana]. Yet now that I’m writing this all out, I’ve also noticed that God has used this time to help me transition from volunteering every Sunday through Wednesday to a more relaxed schedule, a time to ease into the transition for the next phase He has planned for our family.

We live so much further away from town and our church, [it’s not the 1800 miles we’re about to be, but far enough to give us a taste of the future] we’re having to get used to reducing our trips to town, compared to always living a mile from the stores and the church.  When we move to Montana, we’ll be at least 30 miles from those things, and who knows how long that will take with the snow and road conditions.  As of now, we can’t even leave the RV with the dogs by themselves – someone always has to be home [thanks to the youngest pup who liked drywall – you see, as much as my skills improved re-plastering drywall at the house, there’s no way to repair the walls in the RV😬].  My wonderful parents have had to dog-sit for us many times over the past few months [you know for those special occasions, Christmas Eve services and Opening Night of Star Wars 🤩].

Of course ALSO during this break, to be precise, the week after we moved into the RV; I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, Lupus – so that’s taken some getting used to and understanding that my body isn’t always able to do what my ‘normal’ had been and to not feel bad when I’m tired and hurting.  If I had been diagnosed before we moved into the RV, it would have really interfered with the move and I probably wouldn’t have been able to get it all taken care of – so to me, it’s another blessing of God’s timing. [For the record: I believe God doesn’t give anyone an illness or disease.  I do believe in God’s sovereignty – I know everything that happens to us, passes through God’s hands and as such – God can use what the devil or a person meant for harm, to strengthen us, whether it’s our faith or to display God’s glory – see Romans 8:28].

I’ve spent some time wondering if maybe God is done with having me write a blog, but then occasionally when I write something on social media, someone will say that I have a way with words or someone else will suggest I write more; but then I sit down and just don’t feel the need to write – so I think, is it me, or does God not have anything for me today…so I’ve decided to just write and pray that somehow it will help someone, even if it’s just me [which as I write this, I really think this one is JUST for me].

So what can I tell y’all about…how about how different it is to go from a 3000 sq ft house to a 43′ 5th wheel with 2 teen sons over 6′, plus 3 Boxers and 1 cat [sadly our 2nd cat Ms. Priss passed away the beginning of this month, she was our pretty princess for 18 years😢but even now, as it’s still sad for us, I can see how the move to Montana probably would have been really rough on her, God’s Hand was with us even then…].  Somehow, we managed to put almost everything we own into a 10×20 storage unit, but we still needed an 8×10 storage shed here at the RV site [although multiple donation boxes around town got some serious increase in their inventory from our family over the past few months 🤔].  Needless to say, this is one way to minimize your lifestyle and it’s been quite freeing – once you get past the hectic stage of trying to get it ALL done by a deadline – like a closing date when your husband has already gone back overseas🤯!

Probably the hardest adjustment has been having to take our dogs to a dog park to go potty and play.  We’ve been spoiled by years of opening the back patio door and just letting them out, now we have to get dressed earlier than usual in the morning just to take them out and that means we ALL have to take them out every few hours.  Three dogs need three people to walk when they’re all 60-90 lbs and aren’t used to leashes or other dogs plus people.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit had impressed upon me while we were still living in our home that we should get a trainer to help us with the dogs before we moved out, and that did help us quite a bit – but we still have some imperfect dog walk experiences – one situation turned into an almost nightmare [story for another day] but I will say, God even used that situation for my family to constantly pray for the individual involved.

Christmas in an RV was fun, although our ‘gifts’ consisted of a completely new wardrobe for everyone: if you’re not familiar with really cold weather, it requires layers of clothing, plus serious winter coats and boots.  Also, with wintering in an RV, there’s a lot of prep work that’s needed, even with us buying an RV designed for extreme winters.  We have several projects we will tackle once my husband comes home, he’s a perfectionist and I’m not – and one is a DIY skirt around the RV, which requires both of us working together in a short time [hopefully a fun couple project 😍].  Although one of hubby’s gifts was a drone, which we hope to use to help record parts of our trip, with each destination stop and I’m thinking I’d like to blog along the route as well!

We already have our route for our move to Montana completely planned out and reservations made, with the help of our Good Sam’s RV Trip Planner and FlattestRoute.com .  We’re looking forward to our family adventure together more than ever and especially after we got our first itty bitty taste of snow down here in south east Texas [hubby even got some of the white stuff❄️where he is] we’re REALLY ready for a winter wonderland and then some!

P.S. Since we’re on Instagram and Facebook, I’m going to be using certain # (hashtags) that you can search if you want to follow us on our adventure #Phythians #ProjectMontana #RVLife #NewBeginnings of course some of those hashtags, others may use as well – but I’m pretty sure not too many will have #Phythians 🤪

Our lil’ home
Itty Bitty Snow
Our Boxer Pups
These are the droids you’re looking for
Even with my Princess Leia buns, I was ready for Episode VIII

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