My God is Stronger

The other week I almost blacked out, my heart rate was at 40, which is a big drop from my tachycardia of at least 100. I had severe back pains and didn’t know what was going, so when I saw my Dr and got referred again to a Cardiologist- who has now scheduled a nuclear stress testing, echocardiogram and another 48 hr Holter monitor for me this Tuesday…but also that same Tuesday morning I’m having another ultrasound because my mammogram showed a new growth in my right axillary lymph nodes. Also my latest Lupus blood work showed an increase in my Lupus antibodies (not an improvement) my urinalysis shows kidneys stones and a UTI and if you’ve talked to me in the past few days you would know I’m fighting some crud/cold/virus as well…let me just say that I’m not standing for any of this.

It seems I only get sick when my husband is home (unknowingly last vacation I was in a severe Lupus flare) and especially now that we’re about to leave on a new adventure that we believe wholeheartedly that God has called us to!!  I’m pretty mad right now, and I’m pretty confident; because I know that devil doesn’t usually take the time to mess with people who aren’t doing anything for God’s Kingdom.  I know without a doubt, that God has got some great things planned for our family, and the devil can huff and he can puff, but that’s all he can do – because my God is bigger, my God is stronger, and I believe that my God has called my family to do some great things for God’s glory and I’m not letting a bad report keep us from doing what God has already promised us.

Remember when Moses sent the 12 spies into the Promised Land to survey it; 10 of the spies came back with great reports but were overwhelmed because they were afraid of the people who seemed bigger than them, but Joshua and Caleb knew that God had already given the land to them.  They didn’t deny the reality of the situation, instead they focused on what God’s promises were.  When reports come in and it seems like it’s too much, that’s when we have to turn to God and be honest:  tell Him it’s too much for us, but we know it’s not too much for Him!  Ask God to help us get through this, strengthen our hearts and our minds, increase our faith and help us to trust in Him – no matter what appears to be surrounding us in the physical – know that in the spiritual, God has us covered!

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  1. Yes, God is bigger and stronger. Prayers for all your testing to come out good and send this warrior girl on her way to MT.

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