God’s Evidence

When you’re stepping out in faith and making a major change in your family’s life, you might experience moments of excitement that alternate with anxiety [at least this has been what we’ve gone through].  During this process I’ve been praying that God would continue to remind us that we’re following HIM and not being led by our flesh and to boldly show us HIS presence.  Shortly after the decision was made to follow [what we believe to be] God’s leading, we’ve not been in the middle of smooth sailings; instead there has been some tumultuous waves, enough so, that at times I felt I was going under!  Yet, God is ever present and after the many storms of life, I’ve learned that in these times we don’t retreat from God’s plans – we must press in and that’s where I’ve felt HIS peace, in the eye of the storm.

I’ve received a few wonderful devotions, messages, or articles of encouragement that have strengthened our resolve with God’s direction for our family.  These little signs of hope, I’ve saved as bookmarks (favorites) on my computer in a folder called ‘God’s Evidence’.  I’ve saved these little blessings, because when you’ve decided that no matter the task or call, you’re following God; you will always come across spiritual warfare!  Through prayer and God’s Word we can fortify ourselves for these battles.  I’ve got a number of verses I’m holding on to and prayer is vital and a necessity throughout my day [regardless of storms or the calm seas of life].  I’ve found it incredibly motivating when I see external signs of God’s affirmation as well.  I’ve continued to journal these moments but I’ve also chosen to use my blog as a way to [hopefully] encourage others as well.

On our drive to church this past Sunday, I handed my name tag to my son and asked him to hold on to it [so I wouldn’t forget to put it on when we went inside].  As he inspected the name tag, he commented that it’s been 12 years that we’ve been serving at The Ark [underneath my name, is ‘Since 2005’], as he said this, I recalled that I had also worked at the bank for 12 years when God called me to quit and be a stay at home mom [I mentioned this in A New Direction].  I made a mental note to look up what the Biblical representation of 12 was, interestingly enough it is the number of ‘completeness’.  Which believe me, that’s a good word and gives us even more peace when our precious church family is highly loved and respected by each and every one of us!

I’ve added links to the additional words of encouragement that my family has received each week, hopefully it will bless you as it has us.

A short devotion by InTouch Ministries Living by Faith

A short post on Charisma Magazine Ride the Wind: A Prophetic Word about the Holy Spirit’s Direction